Design Studio

Over thirty years in the design business and having more fun than ever!
Embracing the constant changes in our industry will keep you humble and alive.


Corporate Design and Branding, Product Photography, Ad Placement. Brochure and Package Design from concept to press.

Web design: content, mapping, and SEO.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Analytics, ROI are just a few of the key disciplines that when fully embraced will launch your company or widget out in front of your competitors. However, to stay in front you must have relevant, honest content that matches your customer service and products.

Client Testimonials


I have broken into the European Market and seen sales grow since I have been working with HW Design, Inc. I have more than 35 years in marketing and have rarely worked with a graphic design staff that has the creative in design and the critical thinking for marketing.

Jean E. Haley

See all your hard work is paying off.................see below from Julie.

"Sorry to ask again. Your company shows up in so many search engines (that's a good thing!) that I accidentally contacted you again." Julie

Melanie Kustwin

Social Media, do you have to embrace it to get ahead?

Yes and No, it depends on blah blah blah blah